16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
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The disorganised rally has been postpond postumously
from the 6 July to the 26 of June. So all you who did'nt make it.
Hard luck!!

Nick. Of course you're invited and sorry you could'nt make it.

So down to the events.

Set off from Plymouth in the sunshine up to Dartmouth then same again to Weymouth and up to Yarmouth IOW.
All you lot not there cos it was the wrong week, but then again it was disorganised so we went last week!!

Trip back was alot more fun cos the sun went in and the wind got up, OH!! and the fog came down right in the middle of the fireing range at Lulworth.

Funny thing was the fog was like a wall just before Lulworth so runs down to the radar and sees this blob.
I go's right left backwards and folwards trying to shake the bloody thing off.
Only came to me the day after. It must have been the safety
boat trying to catch me!!
Set off from Weymouth in a 5 to 6 and looses one engine in the middle of Lyme Bay which is about 50 miles across. So we're trying to fix it whilst being vertical, upside down and back to front.
Gets that fixed and the other go's down five minutes latter.
That one would'nt play at fixing so its back on the coast guards again for a bit of reasurance and the harbour launch again for a tug to meet us at Dartmouth.
I'm getting to feel like Eric Abbot with all the tugs I'm having lately.
Takes two days to find the little olive on the diesel pipe thats been renched loose whilst going head over tit though Lyme Bay and the sea was still as rough as buggery too!
So it was round the corner to Plymouth but luckily it was'nt on the nose so we just bombed along on top of it.
Much more fun than the mamby pamby sunny calm days!!
Well nearly!!



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30 May 2001
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Should have gone to Alderney - weather was superb although a NE swell made the harbour a little uncomfortable, but did get to use the spare anchor after carrying it around for 3 years to help keep the nose into the waves - it certainly helped to stop the rocking although it looked a little strange when our boat was facing a totally different direction to everyone else.
Cherbourg was HOT, almost 35 degrees last Tuesday.
Hope you had a good time despite your problems.


The forum has been very quiet with everyone showing proper respect and then you come back! Sorry I missed the rally, I was laying carpets at the time which by the sound of your trip back, was more fun.

I have never heard of a motorboater who has more breakdowns - what do you do to your engines - feed them black pudding or tripe or all that rubbish you eat in the North of England? And I've told you before, don't go so fast and they'll like it a lot better. A nice cruise at about 3200/3300 revs is ideal and unstressed for both boat and crew. And it'll keep the swear box light.

Happy camping


PS will the riots start again now that you're home?


Seeing as you went /came? without us anyone still want to meet at the Folly this Friday as originally unplanned?