Cherbourg Scuttlebutt Cruise


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28 Mar 2005
hampshire, uk
I have permission to go singlehanded provided the weather is 100% spot on.

I may well be single handed as number one daughter has a new uni course starting on the monday and house mate changeover at the weekend, how inconsiderate ;(.

I have the thurs to weds off work to make a mini cruise out of the weekend and to widen the weather windows but I only have permission from the boss / SWMBO if the weather is 99% spot on ( allowance made for sturdy motorsailor with wheelhouse / conservatory ), I will have to pass TRs, text postion when in range etc etc, perhaps I ought to fit a AIS transponder so she can track me. I will have to wear lifejacket, be clipped on, have ERPIB is one pocket and VHF in the other. Funny thing is that when she does come for a cross channel she doozes most of the way anyway, I do all the sailing and have to worry about whether she is OK!


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3 Jun 2006
South East Coast - United Kingdom
I have asked Dan to set up a thread for 2010 under Forum Events. Once set up I will post a summary of the arrangements.

Those that have expressed an interest so far:-

Sailfree - Janes Buoy - 7
Fergus- Never Look Back- 6
Galadriel- 3
Pinnacle - 4
Lady in Bed - 1
Whitelighter - 4
Krew - 2
Fireball - 3
DJE - 3
Reddragon2 - 1
tt65 - 1
Jimi - threatening to come - ?
mirror image -Saddletramp -2
monniotC - Spray - 2
dulcinbella - Amoret - 3
bedouine - -?
moody Nick - - ?
Flapjack - Flapjack - 3?
Chubby - Debchick - 2

Potentially 55 people.

Please let me know of any errors and update in numbers. Leave it another week and I will start the usual excel spreadsheet and distribute it only to attendees personal e mail addresses. Let me know if you don't want any of your details distributed - remember I have e mail addresses and mobile nos from previous years already but please advise me of any changes.

Saga Moment - can anyone remember if I asked for preferred menu choices to advise YC of approx numbers before the event last year (in addition to Veggies!)

You have possibly have missed Chrissie and "Black Pearl", see message 16 ? ;)


11 Sep 2003
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crew available

if anyone has a place /berth free anywhere from Portsmouth to Poole -I am available Thurs night/Friday to the Sunday night.
Please contact me by Pm and hopefully I will receive a notification.

Many thanks