Bournemouth Airport Pick up


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30 May 2001
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Usually manage to do a U turn at car park entrance throw passenger out and drive off.

Today dropped aassenger off at 05.30 and "directed " into the car park. Charge £2.50 for 30min or £4.60 for 60min! Daylight robbery.

Watched others try to u turn and attendant "talked" them into returning through car park and pay charges or get prosecuted. there are large signs saying car parking charges apply from here ( near access road entrance) automatic ANP recognition in place and no U turns allowed.

Bournemouth airport also make it almost impossible to walk the 300m from the access road entrance as in part no verge or pedestrian pavement - but you do see some marching down the road with luggage in tow!

Sorry wrong Forum - will transfer to lounge when I get access to a computer to copy and paste

The approach road, is double yellow & has camera's.
If you stop anywhere in that area for drop off, they will send you a bill.
There are warning notices to this effect.


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9 Apr 2005
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Re: Bournemouth Airport Pick up hospital parking

Talking of rip offs, yesterday I went to visit a friend in RHS, their car park is camera operated but free for first 30min. It was very full so by the time I'd found a space, over 5 mins had gone. It then took me 20 mins to find the ward, a few minutes to discover that my friend had been discharged an hour ago. Returned to car park and paid £2.50 for a completely futile visit. Grrrrrrrr