Boatyard close to Alicante?

6 Nov 2011
South coast/ Portsmouth
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GHAs reply is excellent and its content helpful to all. Further to it, I would implore far more people in the cruising community to do their bit a lot more frequently than they presently do, and contribute to crowd source apps like NFL and Navily, and even on the slow- to-evolve Navionics. Frankly, a significant majority of boaters are, well, plain bloody lazy when it comes to posting honest reviews. I'm speaking generically here, not refering to any particular poster in this or any string. It is a truism. It's only through the power of these reviews that we will, more than likey, get improved services and better VFM in the marine sector - which is sadly, in too many locations (eg Spanish costa), not reflecting many boaters wants and needs. Just think about how totally crappy WIFI is allowed to continue, for example. With good data, info and wisdom we can vote with our hulls. Mass crowd sourced data may be our best hope. And post It in NFL etc INSTEAD or at least before individual posts, like in FB, where they got lost after just a few days...only to be asked again and again. Do your bit for the greater good I say.