Bicycles on boats


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7 Apr 2011
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I am part of a charity expedition going from the South of England, sailing the Channel, cycling through France and Spain, hopefully kayaking the Gibraltar Straits, cycling through some of Morocco and ascending Jbel Toubkal.

I was wondering what people's opinion are regarding fitting bicycles on boats? we have around 12/13 taking bikes plus 4 skippers so we are looking at either an 8 berth and a 10 berth or two 10 berths.

The 10 berth is likely to be a Bavaria 44 and the 8 berth a Bavaria 38.

With the wheels removed ie frames and forks(but stored somewhere on the yacht) how practical would it be to sail with bikes down the hatch perhaps on the bunks when not in us wrapped in bubble wrap and when the majority are sleeping, in the seating area? It would be around 5 or 6 bikes on the Bavaria 38 and 7-8 on the Bavaria 44 (maybe even 6). My thinking is that most of them could be stored on a two person bunk, given that they're smaller than a person and stackable.

Would guardrails be an option for storing wheels, provided bearings were protected from salt water? I would assume so as wheels only weigh around 1KG and the tyres should provide ample protection for the deck (and bubblewrap could be added).

Just on the off chance, what is the likelihood of someone having an 8 to 10 berth yacht that they would be willing to sail or bareboat charter for less than a charter company early August? I'm guessing not too likely but as we're saving costs where possible, it is worth investigating.

Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated.