Any Idea's for a Holiday


6 Aug 2001
Poole Dorset and Palma Majorca
Any Idea\'s for a Holiday

Seeing the Postcard from the Med reminded me that I have a weeks Holiday booked from Friday and If the Weather is no good for our proposed trip from Poole to Yealm/Salcombe then the only thing to get me out of trouble with Wife/Kids is a last minute something or other to somewhere Hot.

Any Ideas, Flight from Hurn would be Ideal but methinks I ask to much!

Destinations any one?



16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
Re: Any Idea\'s for a Holiday

No!! Salcombe yealm is ok with me. Stick to it, I mean yer only comming fr Pool, get a grip on yer self mon,
Av bin back an forth fer Plymouth to Poole mor times than I can remember an thats just this year. Ok so some times its a bit bumpy and others is so flat that yer looking for some other ocupation on the way. Dont ask me to elaberate, but
Thers night clubs in Plymouth and lap dancing too! (So I'm told) And Lillian for a Massage as well!!
But the pubs up-th-Yealm-are just brilliant, but best bring dinghy as well, Thrs times whent dinghy gets joy rid, but only tut thoposit bank, But tryin tut find ther selves back tut ship weout dinghy ort wellys is shit!!

Its not a poem or have you already guessed.
Its just me from the pub and leggless, could you have guessed at anything less!!
Dont forget Aggafer Chrispy' Island on the way.
(For nautical types thats Burgh Island)

Get yer wellys and winder wiper goin and visit somewhere proper. Airtours or Richard just cant do it!!
Hope I can edit this lot in the morning!!



Re: Any Idea\'s for a Holiday

I have been to Menorca and would highly recommend it. It apparently has a beach for every day of the year, with many of them only accessible by boat. Quaysport Menorca ( advertise an appartment in Binibeca (Menorcan Portmeirion?), a car and a 19 foot sportsboat (youhave to make your own flight arrangements) from £235 per person (four sharing) per week. (Some qualification is needed)