Another boat ad Scam!


2 Nov 2002
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Hi all,

I've just come across this ad which is almost certainly another scam.

It's for a Fairline Targa 29..for £20K..

The listing (here on YBW) says the boats in Manchester and I contacted the Vendor to tell him that he'd got his price wrong and I get the following reply.

"Hello ,
Thank you for contacting me in order to buy the boat that i posted for sale.
The Boat is in perfect condition inside and outside as well.
I have this boat from my father in low who is no longer in this world and now I need to seel it because I don't know what I can do whit this boat
I am located in Budapest , Hungary , I tried to sell it here but didin't find any buyer because this boat is to expencive for Hungary and here we don't have seea . A dealer told me to try to sell it on this Uk website because i can find a lot of potential buyers from all UK.
The price that i'm asking for this great boat is 20,000 GBP including all taxes (shipping &insurance).
If you want to buy this boat wich is extremely fast and dependable and also fun to drive then don't miss this unique opportunity.
This boat has a clear title and will come with all original manuals .
If you need other informations regarding the boat then please contact me and i will answer in very short time.
Thank you and i hope we can make a deal together !!!"

By way of a test, I replied asking for loaction so that I could have a survey done, get solicitor involved reply!!

I then e--mailed him using a different address, got the same reply but this time followed it up differently...I then got this reply

"I want to be honest whot you , there are other 2 buyers interested in this boat, to be fair whit all posible buyers I will sell the boat to the first buyer who will make the payment .

I can shipp the boat by tnt , I have one friend who work there and in 3-4 days you can have the boat in UK .

For payment I will prefere banl to bank transfer

Please get back asap. and let me know your decision"

TNT?????? I don't think so...they have trouble with our parcels!!!! and note he refers to the "first one to pay"!!!.

Beware, I have emailed YBW to let them know....these are getting far too common.

Be careful out there!!


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14 Dec 2004
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I also responded to this ad, it was advertised on boats and outboards site. The reply was exactly the same. The targa 29 was discontinued in 1999 by the 30 so 2002 cannot be right. When I suggested that I needed to see the boat he asked to meet me at Budapet airport, where could the boat be as there is no sea there?. If it was true what a bargain


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8 Dec 2005
Cheshire, England.
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He says the boats in Manchester.
Email him and tel him you live in Manchester and know Salford Keys, the docks and Manchester ship canal very well. Ask him where it is and can you have a days demo on it.