aluminium boat building


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10 Jun 2004
I want to build an aluminium sailing dinghy( 3-4 m.), does anyone know how to go about that?
I have some experience in welding but not aluminium and I hear it's very difficult. Any tips?
Were do I get a good building-plan(cheap)and is it possible to use a plan for iron boats or will the weight difference inbalance the boat?
Will I have to compensate for the weight of an outboard on the stern?
Thank you!


I've just had an ally coachroof built for a steel motorsailer - originally I wanted to build it myself but after much agonising, decided to get it built by some one used to working in the material - I can weld steel OK, but ally needs a lot more heat (it dissipates very quickly), and it is relatively much more expensive, so cock-ups can be costly to rectify ! Having said that though, I don't think, that using the right tools, ally is particularly difficult to work with - it can be cut & shaped quite easily, often with woodworking tools, and of course if you use the right grade (5083 or equivalent) is virtually maintenance - free. Don't know where you're situated, but Marine Weld Fabrications of Nth Walsham, Norfolk built my coachroof and did a good job.


Hi Susan, aluminium is ok to weld with practice and the right welder. I have an ally boat, a RIVETED and glue model. This seems to be a good idea. Another possible option for you! good luck.