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how long.....


New member
16 May 2001
West End, Surrey, UK
do the best and worst take to go round the IOW in the Hoya Round the Island Race ?

I've never done it and unfortunately cant this year but I did go round last weekend I think it took around 11 hours (I left Shamrock Quay at 8.30, got to calshot at 9.30, went through the needles, round the back and back round to Cowes for 8.30pm).

I wasnt pushing it (i put a fishing line out for half of it) but I wonder how 11 hours compares in the race times ? what is the best and worst normally ?


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16 May 2001
If you really want the details - go to the website (http://www.hoyaroundtheisland.org.uk) where you can see all the results for last year's race. The leading boats took just under 7 hours, while the slowest over 13 hours. I seem to remember reading that the monohull course record is about 5.5 hours, and the multi-hull just below 4, but I can't remember where I saw those figures.

We're entering this year and are doing preliminary planning based on a 9 - 10 hour race, and we are one of the slower boats in the field.