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For what its worth...


Active member
31 May 2001
'ang on a mo, I'll just take some bearings
...I offer the 'rules' of an event I put together for the Twister Class Association. Maybe they can be adapted?


Given that all sailing competitions are by their nature unfair (newer sails, cleaner hull, folding propeller, fuller water tanks, bigger winch grinder, shinier varnish, too much grog the night before) the objective of this competition is to provide new excuses for doing badly.

You are therefore asked to arrive at the finish having sailed as closely as possible to 15 miles through the water; and as closely as possible to 1500 BST.

Twisters have a choice of two start lines
Westerly: a line drawn NE from North Head Buoy to the Hampshire shore near Milford on Sea.
Easterly: a line drawn North from Egypt Point, but no further North than West Bramble Buoy.

Twisters will start as nearly as possible to 1100 BST

Consistent with safety, Twisters may anchor in a position to the West of Newtown Creek Entrance, and to the South and East of Hamstead Ledge Buoy, at a time of their choosing, and shall stay at anchor long enough to make and drink a hot beverage (from cold! No vacuum flasks allowed. No pre-heated water or kettles simmering) for all members of the crew. The quantity to be consumed per person shall be the British Standard Transport Caff Mug, and not some Namby-Pamby Olde-English Tea-Room Bone-China Cup.

In the event that wind, weather or water make anchoring unwise, beverage time may be undertaken while hove to.

Distance logged due to current whilst at anchor, or drift whilst hove to will count towards your 15 miles.

Protest procedure
The procedure is that there will be no protests.
Use of engine, either in motoring or motor sailing mode, is allowed 'free' for a maximum of 60 minutes during the competition. If the engine is used for longer than 60 minutes, penalties will be awarded.

Twisters shall finish by passing close North or South of Black Rock Buoy. NB Beware Black Rock approx. 1 ca inshore of buoy.

Twisters will record their own start and finish time, and other details, on the attached sheet. Please endeavour to see that your timepieces are reasonably accurate and your log calibrated!

1 point for each minute before or after the 1100 start time.
1 point for each minute before or after the 1500 finish time.
1 point for each 1/10th of mile under or over 15 miles sailed through the water.
1 point for each minute of motoring over 60 minutes
30 points for failing to anchor (or heave to) and enjoy a hot drink.

At the considerable discretion of The Management extra marks may be added or subtracted at any time between pre-start and prize-giving, for any reason whatsoever. Oh, least points wins by the way.

Twister name
Start Time (state East or West)
Finish Time
Engine minutes
Distance logged through water
Anchor dropped (hove to), time
Anchor weighed (unhove to), time
Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Soup/Other (please delete as appropriate)
Number of mugs served
Biscuits? (y/n)
Cake? (y/n)

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16 May 2001
I think we need a special rule for those who finish the event on a vessel other than the one they started on.

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19 Dec 2001
St Neots

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