Yanmar wont start


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11 May 2004
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My problem relates to an earlier posting "Yanmar wont stop".
Having hair raising experiences in my marina I have throttled down too far and the motor has stopped.It seems impossible to get the motor to go really slow for manouvering. It stops and then it wont start for about 20 minutes or so. When trying to start should I use full throttle? I guess there is maybe a fuel problem but I need some for some advice. The family is urging purchase of a reserve outboard!


Your throttle is adjusted wrongly most likely. The engine should not stop until the stop cable is pulled. Check that all the cables are lubricated and free. Take anything out of the way of your morse control that oftens messes up the gear engagement etc.

Bleed the system - there might be air in it - even if it is running well there can still be problems with air bubbles. Check and clean your diesel filters - also check for bugs in the fuel. You can get treatment for that just add some chemical to the diesel and it breaks the mould down.

When starting don't use more than half throttle, the engine should start after a "cough" of the starter especially when hot.

If your engine is old - have it looked at by a good mechanic it might need some serious remedies like fuel pump timing done.


I had exact problem - turned out to be the fuel - had gone off! I cleaned out carb replaced with fresh fuel - now no problem. Unleaded goes off in a matter of a few weeks!