We have an Endurance 35 ferrocement sailboat and now we are planning to buy a windvane. Our boat weights 11 tons and she has long keel and hydraulic wheel steering.

We would be very grateful for any kind of guidance with what kind of windvane we should buy. Also appreciate any kind of experiences with wind vanes (especieally in fair wind sailing).



Guest is a good website for one of the most popular units available - lots of general information and advice too. Peter Forthman has also written a book on the subject. For a boat of this size a servo-pendulum is likely to be the best system - although if your boat has a centre cockpit the alternative auxilery rudder (Hydrovane) system might be worth considering.


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29 Sep 2001
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I have some personal experience of Navik, Airies and Monitor vane gears. I would suggest that for your boat, the Navik is a little light. The Aries is a fine system, but I had problems with corrosion caused by the mixed metals employed in a salt-water environment. Eventually, I couldn't get it apart! The Monitor is, in my opinion, a better choice. It is virtually all stainless steel, is lighter than the Aries and noticeably more responsive in light airs. The Windpilot certainly has a good reputation for reliability and spares/advice back-up. For what it's worth, I would go for a servo-pendulum system unless you particularly want the ability to use the gear as emergency rudder, although the Monitor system is able to offer that option too - at a price.... Hope this is some use Heidi.