Where can I get 'Bayonet' stanchions - or how to straighten?


5 Jan 2006
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I managed to remove all of the stanchions on my Dufour 1800, they are a sort of bayonet fitting, they sit in a plastic socket with a keyway, to remove you twist about 90 degrees and then pull out. Tha stantion has a pin welded to the base which allows them to lock.

Out of 6, 3 are ok 2 are slightly bent and one it badly bent.

I need to replace these but cant find anywhere on the web that looks like they do them, does anyone know where i might find them? (they have a single hole and are about 400mm high).
Alternatively does anyone know how they could be rescued?


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10 Nov 2007
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Unlikely to get ready made ones. Just get an SS fabrictor to make them for you from standard tube.
25 Feb 2010
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I had to straighten one after a hit-and-run whilst the boat was on the mooring:mad:

Luckily I found a piece of steel bar which was a fairly tight fit in the bottom of the stanchion and acted as a mandrel. The mandrel held everything firm in a vice whilst heat and force were applied to straighten the stanchion up.

I was amazed how much heat it need. I ended up with two blow lamps and some firebricks to concentrate the heat where it was needed. Oxy-acetylene would have been better. Heat way beyond red to orange/yellow.

Apply a darn great lever (well, a convenient steel tube) to the other end and straighten the stanchion.

Remove the mandrel and polish up (Several grades of wet and dry followed by T cut, did for me)

I was quite pleased with the result, but would have been more pleased if I could have inserted said stanchion up an orifice of the toe rag who bent it in the first place.

PS. I doubt that it is easy to get them made up if they are tapered.
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