Westerley Pageants, ever..



Has anyone any views on what these are like & any common faults.
Are they a slow old tub, or a sweet little design.


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18 Jun 2001
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I had a variation on the theme once - the Westerly Kendal which had a fin keel. It sailed well enough - like the centaur it was spacious offering full standing headroom and a fairly stable platform. Naturally they are not flyers but are well built and will go uphill and down dale all day long at around 4.5 knots if sailed well. I'm amazed by the way they hold their price - you seldom see one for less than £7k which is what I bought and sold mine for in 1980 - 1984.
They look a bit dated now but for 2/3 people they are fine for coastal cruising and have a ruggedness which is not in build quality nowadays. No bad habits - a well balanced sailplan with good reefing mainsail options and a decent sized genoa which pulled nicely off wind. I guess the bilge keel option will lose a little in the way of performance but then again makes coastal cruising on drying shorelines a bit handier.


Popular and sturdy bilge-keelers.
Hold price well.
Watch for Keels splayed
Rudder post and bearings worn
Damp and condensation under the bunks etc.
Headlining detached
Chainplate areas crazed
Mast-step / tabernacle twisted / distorted
Stem-head fitting lifting / twisted

That is a small list and I really do NOT mean to frighten you with it, but they are problems / areas that I have noted on various boats... normally NOT together on one !!!! They are all fix-able ....

Of course the other matter that plagues boats of this age .... Osmosis is generally found.

So a good check all round. But summary is they are good strong boats, they will never win any races, but are popular with cruising couples !