Want to find a sharer for Achilles 24


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3 Feb 2009
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Hey chums.

My experiment this summer to see how much usage I've had from Artemis has not shown great results. Since launching I have had her out on the water for the grand total of 30 mins and that was only to test the outboard. I have had some problems that stopped me from using her earlier in the summer (major leak through a deck fitting that took months to fix due to bad weather). But finally, the realisation has sunk in that I cannot really justify the costs of keeping her on my own. I don't want any money for the boat (hardly worth it), but I would like to find someone who is interested in sharing her - and sharing the costs of the mooring, insurance and the elbow grease and associated liftout and AF costs.

If you come across any likely candidates, then please put us in touch.

I really want to keep her as we are just not getting the time and opporutnity to take Ocean Lady out - I have never done so little sailing since moving aboard. :-( .

I'm not interested in putting this on the wider forums as I would like to find someone we know, or know ish. And someone local ish.

For those that don't know:
Achilles 24
Triple keel
In mast furling
Log, ES, DSC radio
4 berth (2xquarterberth, 2in V)
Spray hood and dodgers
no running water.
Tohatsu 6hp outboard in the well
wiring for Garmin chartplotter, but I don't keep it on the boat.
life ring, bow anchor, kedge, boarding ladder, radio - but no other safety features

Can email photos to anyone interested.


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20 Sep 2001
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You have reminded me - did you want a couple of life jackets I forgot to pass on with Alchemist? No money required but I would suggest you check them over yourself for my peace of mind! I think I need to have a day in London late in the month so could drop them off at Limehouse if no other delivery options appear.

Not sure what else I have in the boat shed (caravan) but am looking through it slowly!! There is an Avon available - details on Facebook East Coasters (not giving that away!!). Think I still have a Garmin 12 somewhere too.


4 Aug 2009
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The Achilles 24 was the first boat I looked at when I was in my late twenties. We even traveled to Butler Marine in South Wales where they were built. Sadly turned out to expensive for a lowly Corporal in HM's RAF. Superb small Cruiser/Racer.

Would recommend it to anyone who wants some good fun....