Useful tip? re waterlines

16 May 2001
As my boating now consists of larger lumps but less frequently, I have taken to doing a bit of gardening & landscaping.
In order that I got the whole site level I went to hire a laser level. This is a device consisting of a spirit level mounted on a pelorus atop a tilt head atop a tripod. The spirit level emits a laser beam parallel to its base. On the way to the hire shop i stopped at Makro as it is the only local source of the office staff's favourite pens. There for £30ish I bought a simple laser level outright. The hire fee was £42.

Now I remember talk a few years back about trying to set up a waterline when painting a boot-top on unusual shaped hulls & multichine motorboats. because this object alows you to swing a perfectly horizontal bright beam through 360degrees it must offer the perfect answer. Even if the boat isn't chocked up plumb then an accessory they provide which alows a beam to be projected as a continuous line would alow you to connect up forefoot and transom accurately.

Pity that most boats are already in the water!

Steve Cronin


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16 May 2001
What a difference!

I bought one to do the setting-up and waterline scribing on the cat I've just built. After messing about with a waterlevel last time, this is fantasic.