The great Santa comeback post


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1 Nov 2001
West Sussex, Boat in Chichester
A person called Roger someone, who is the science editor for The Times has just proved that Santa exists:

a) It is scientifically possible for Reindeer to fly, they use Super quantum mechanics to do this.

b) These flying reindeer by the miracle of a warp drive sleigh are pushed through the air( contrary to popular thought the sleigh actualy pushes the reindeer, the reindeer are merely a glorified breaking system)

c) Santa knows exactly what you want for Christmas by using Pshycokinetics and he can build the presents molocule by molocule while standing out side of your house using the same process.

So I conclude that Santa is real and that it is scientifically possible for him to deliver all the presents on time around the world in 1 night and that no harm what so ever is inflicted on him or his breaking system during the flight.

HA HA Col!!!

P.S I am not sure if would be possible for Santa to construct a chartplotter for BarryD unless, BarryD signs a disclamier making Santa exempt from any legal action taken as a result of BarryD not knowing how to use the plotter and hitting the Shingles bank off the west side of the IOW.
Good eve'n

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6 Nov 2001
Dear Moose,Have you been to the site which tells the story of the very upset tearful attractive young lady about to jump off an unnamed thames bridge because her boyfriend has left/she has crashed her car/been made jobless/homeless all in the same day/Along comes santa and asks what the problem is and she tells her tale of woe.He thens tells her that he really is Father christmas and that he can make everything Ok again in an instant.She thanks him profoundly and asks is there anything at all she can do for him in return.He suggests a very naughty thing and she obliges, happy that everthing is going to be all right in her world.As he walks away he asks the young lady her age and she replies 21.he then comments as he walks away "21 and she STILL believes in father chrismas"


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31 Oct 2001
eh! I don't want a chartplotter, and i never hit any banks. It was'nt me I had an alibi, I was still filling the boat with petrol when that bank job was done, and in any case i think you mean the other barry, any way what was he doing west of the wight when chichester is to the east, sounds like the gps has given up to me.


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10 Sep 2001
Santas back, wheres the IOW?

Yippee, that means I get to play with short persons train-set on Christmas day morn. As for hitting a Sand Bank on the east of the IOW - I'm not allowed out until I fix the power steering and get my PowerBoat II (thank you insurance).

And seeing as Chichester has stopped selling petrol for the season I don't know if I've got enough go-juice to reach Sparks anyway.