Thanks to colmce. and Drewstwos You was Lucky!


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21 Jun 2004
Anglesey Wales
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If any Forimites wanna kick Me in the Proverbials for putting such a long winded first Piccie Post on ere Blame colmce.
Fair play to the Man He must have the Patience Of Jobe!!
Half ten this Morning He rang Me to give me a few tips on how to get the pics out the lovely little Camera He sold me so cheaply.
It must have been about 13.00 hours when we were about half way to succes.
"Nohh!!! DON,T PUSH THE BACK BUTTON AGAIN yer Dozy Welsh git, several times!
See Dear Old col was trying to replicate what I was doing at My end.
Don,t how he achieved that cos I didn,t know what I was doing.
"Lost Photo bucket again Col!"
Drag Paste all that stuff.No good me looking at Dog Watches Idiot proof giude, not for this idiot anyway!
Drew had volunteered to help earlier in the week.
Fortunately for Drew He has been tied up.
I think Colin would Like to have tied Me up and chucked Me overboard earlier Today!
Said He had an errand at 13.20 I think He was off to see a shrink!
So thanks again Col. 1, again for the camera, what a piece of kit, all I did was point and shoot.
If I learn how it wiorks properly crikey Moses look out!
2 Thanks for Your time and patience this morning once more.
Drew, I say again "You don,t know how lucky You was"!
Thanks to both /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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20 Feb 2004
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My pleasure.
I was only passing on what I have gleaned from Dogwatch,Lakie and Brendan who have all given freely of their time and expertise.

I wouldn't go anywhere near Port Madog on a longterm basis,that welcoming committee look positively dangerous and could drag a young impressionable lad like yourself astray.