Sun Odyssey 36.2 test or opinion please?


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3 Jul 2002
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A friend is looking at a Sun Odyssey 36.2 of 1999 vintage. The only test report I can find on this web-site refers to one done by Yachting World and I don't have a copy.

Firstly, has anyone got a copy of the test? Is there any chance that they can scan it and e-mail me a copy? (I will get banned by IPC for this as its undercutting their copyshop service!!!)

Alternatively, I have got a copy of the report on the Sun Odyssey 37. Is this basically the same same boat stretched or was it a redesign?

Finally - any opinions on the boat? They have a Contessa 32 at the moment and want to move up to a bit more accomodation. They don't want to loose all their sailing capability.

I have given him the normal advice about checking whether its been in charter use. (Lots were) My feeling is that they will be bowled over by the palatial accomodation compared to their Contessa.

Anyone want to buy a nice Contessa?

Thanks for the answers.


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31 May 2001
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Had one from S*nsail for a fortnight's bareboat in the Sporades.

It's a nice size, and comfy below.

It handled well under power for parking.

Slammed like buggery going upwind in seaway but it wasn't too broachy compared with some other AWBs from the same era.

Engine cooling intake wasn't very far below the w/l, so it sucked air a lot when motoring in a chop and the overheat alarm didn't like it.

Had some problems with equipment, but that was might have been because of the Sunsail spec.