Specific boat window hatch


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19 Nov 2023
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Hi guys, I am a 13 yr old renovating a 14ft cuddy boat and I need to install a hatch on the top of the roof. The rim where the hatch would go is a bit uneven sizing and very specific sizing so I don’t think I would be able to buy a hatch. I would also prefer to do a cheaper option. I was think about using some tinted acrylic and screwing it in but then the screws would be showing which is not ideal. I don’t mind if the hatch doesn’t open but I just need a way of covering up the hole.


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13 Sep 2008
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As per BruceK ...

Or ... clean up the hole edges to a more reasonable even affair. You can then get an oversize sheet of acrylic .... and double sided car mirror repair tape.
You would also need some nice dome head short bolts and domed nuts.
Fix acrylic in place .... drill through suitable for the short bolts ... bolt through and secure with domed nuts. The tape will help secure for leaks and the domed bolts / nuts will look better than normal screws etc.