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18 Nov 2001
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Congratulations to jimi for organising Weymouth ... it was great fun and well worth it ...

A picture of the Ferry Inn happy eaters ... nigelb & jimi in discussion with janek, duncan (more whiskererd?) in the background and crew of Talulah right middle (lot of 'em!)

latest automatic boat cleaner with empties here

What happens when the device (it was removed to the loo for re-calibration shortly afterwards, but, that failed) and <A target="_blank" HREF=>complimentary shoe cleaning service. no officer, we've never seen him before from his friends

many thanks to bignick for getting the Times jumbo crossword and here are the <A target="_blank" HREF=>happy puzzlers</A> looking as if they know what they're doing ...

the morning after (will detol the mooring ropes .. argh!) and <A target="_blank" HREF=>sunset at Studland .. aaahh ....

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