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9 Aug 2015
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Hi all, I'm new to the forum and after some advice from people that will know much more than me.

I purchased my current boat a few years ago as a bit of a wreck as I had a couple of months of free time in between jobs to spend time tidying it up. I'm not sure of the make but it's 13ft and similar to an Orkney. See pictures below.

I have been running it on a 4 stroke 8hp Mercury which is fine for pottering up and down the Hamble and Itchen, where I live, but lacks real grunt if I take it out near shore in the Solent. It already drags the back down and I not convinced it could take much more HP or if it would be worth it anyway. Either way the layout is not what I am looking for going forward.

I mainly use it for some light fishing and also as a day out for my young family but what I ideally am looking for is a boat that can deliver the following:

- some speed to get on the plain but no need for a speedboat type of speed
- forward or reverse seating for at least 4
- stable in the water when moving and at rest
- some for of cover from the sun when required (a pull up canopy is fine)
- easy to drop into the water from a slip by 2 people max
- needs to fit in my garage. Length not an issue but can't be more than a single garage door width (about 7ft)

I have been looking at Dorys as I like the seating arrangements they can give at a fairly small length but not sure if that would work in the Solent. I may want to go from the mainland to the Isle of Wight occasionally but I'm a fair weather boater so wouldn't plan on doing so if water was choppy. Of course it needs to manage if the weather did turn part way though.

Sorry for ramble and long list but would welcome thoughts. I'm on a limited budget so up to 3k max including outboard.
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13 Oct 2014
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Welcome to the forum. Sometimes first posts take some time to appear hopefully some with more knowledge than I will give you an answer


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8 Feb 2015
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I would look for a Seahog or similar on a cathedral hull. They can slam a bit in chop but are more stable. Plenty about at your price range, especially as you've proven yourself handy.