Rc8D Nanni problem, please help.


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28 Jun 2015
HI guys. I have a old Renault RC8D couach engine that wont start. To make a story short. I bought this boat from a guy not long ago. He was having truble to get the engine to start so he desided to take out the injection pump and take it apart to clean it. By mistake he was able to drop some part of it on the floor. He found the parts and put it back together again. but still not starting. He gave up the boat and sold it to me. So now I have the problem :( He have no clue about this engine and ether do I. I took out the pump, took it appart just to take som pictures of it. With this I hope someone out there can tell me how to fix this and maybe get this engine to start again.

This is the pump: Bosch PFE 1 Q 55/19

Here is the pump appart.

The picture has numbers from 1 to 4 and a question mark.
The questions are:

number 1 and 2 has a square nob on it and 2 has also a groove on the pin at bottom. is there anything special I need to watch here or does it not matter which way I put it? (clockwise or counterclockwise)

Number 4 is a small copper washer, where does this go? Does it go into the bottom of the question mark or does it stay where it is on the picture?

Number 5 is a pin with 3 small shims on it. is this the right?

I hope someone knows this pump and can tell me what to do or have a manual for it.

Thank you.