Poor construction


26 Oct 2001
I was at the yard checking out a First 35.5 that had its gelcoat removed and was appalled to see how many voids there were in the laminate.The Belgian owner was a bit preocupied with it and didn't really know what to do about it.He had only found a handfull of liquid filled blisters but had decided,wisely in my opinion, to peel off the whole bottom.I told him that I didn't think it would be pratical to open and fill all the voids so the best option would be to remove the outer layer of mat and ,once everything was acceptably dry,to relaminate with epoxy and roving followed by epoxy filler for fairing.
This was just one problem.Inside ,the keelbolts and mast step had crushed the structural liner so he was going to cut through it and bond the whole thing to the hull bottom properly ,again with epoxy and roving.
This is a well known make and the laminating stanrdards where no better than on my old boat that had been built in China by largely unskilled labour.
The structural liner is also a poor idea IMHO.
I actually like some french boats but I'm afraid I wouldn't but a Beneteau.
Jeanneaus seem to be much more resistant and don't have liners that become crushed or loose.
Mind you it's not just the french.I had to do an awfull lot of reinforcing before my Fulmar could stand on its keel...