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Hello one and all. We have a 1985 Virgo Voyager which we have just spent the summer on. We being mom dad and 3 kids. Cosy but happy. We are thinking though that by next summer it will be more cosy than happy. We think we would like a centaur, jag 27 or a sabre 27. our budget will be no more than 15000. Its what to do about the virgo. I dont know if its better to sell outright or are there places where one can part exchange boats. I like buying stuff but I'm hopeless at selling.
What does anyone think. If anything. Cheers Kirky
16 May 2001
We "Chopped in" our Venturer to Hunter boats at Hamble Point against a new Hunter 30, however they will do this against any of their used boats currently for sale there and at other sites.

It worked like this for us. First we agreed a "Fall Back" price and they put our boat up for sale at something higher. When the deal on the new boat is to be closed, the Fall Back price is given as p-ex. If your old boat sells for more than this (ours went for the asking price) within six months of the closing date you and Hunters split the difference and they send you a cheque. If it sells after six months they keep the full price and you owe them nothing even if it sells below Fall Back. There are no brokerage fees to pay and we thought it a very good deal as we got exactly what we had paid for the Newbridge seven years earlier.

Steve Cronin


Nationwide Boat Sales at Chesterfield used to do part exchanges, their address is, dont know if they still do, as they have changed ownership.