Notices to Mariners Week 37

Tiller Girl

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9 Dec 2013
West Mersea
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Nice quiet week this week as is typical for a Bank Holiday.


1. A reduced depth in the Yantlet Channel, River Thames just west of the Sea Reach No 7 buoy but at 13.7m, this will not trouble us (especially as we are not supposed to be in the middle of the dredged channel!);
2. Small move of a lit yellow special buoy just to the east and north outside the eastern entrance of Dover Harbour marking an area of special interest.


1. Notice from the Crouch HM advising about Burnham week this week until 5th September;
2. New weekly notices from the Wells Harbour Master concerning dredging which is continuing in the harbour entrance. Please read if visiting.

That's it in the official notices.

On the unofficial side, I got down to the Ray Sand 'channel' (we are going to have to find a different title to channel) on Saturday. I am still crunching the data but the postion of the Ray Middle buoy is wrongly shown on the UKHO chart and any derived from it such as chart plotters other than Imray's and Meridian's. It is shown as at 51.40.00N 000.59.00E when it is at 51.40.00N 000.59.50E (in line with the Ray Sand and the Raysand North buoys). I have revised the downloads accordingly on my web site and have advised the UKHO. Incidentally there is not much difference in depth if you go diagonally from the Outer Crouch No 1 (as many do) direct to the Raysand North buoy. Might be a foot shallower than on the 000.59.50E meridian. I shall finalise the data in the coming week.