Notices to Mariners Week 25


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5 Nov 2002
West Mersea
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1. Three new depths in the Sunk South Separation Zone but at all over 20m, they will not trouble us;
2. Winterton Ridge - a repeat of one item of reduced depth (to 13.4m) on Winterton Ridge off the Norfold coast. Was previously one of five reduced depths in a notice back in week 12. This repeated one item is obviously to catch up on a UKHO chart that was not mentioned in the previous notice;
3. Small movement of the Oaze Bank starboard hand buoy as previous notified by Trinity House;
4. Move of the Barrow No 12 to the east and the placing of an isolated dange buoy over a wreck in the Mouse channel. Charts show the depth over the wreck to be 3m but a previous notice has reduced this to 2.7m. This is a repeat of a prvious Trinity House notice which like No 3 has been included earlier in the Temporary Notice list;
5. Two more Fouls in Dutch waters. These in the anchorage at the Maas West Inner where the depths are over 20m. Not therefore likely to hinder us.


1. An isolated sounding of 3.5m has been found in the Medway in the Chatham Lock approach, Gillingham Reach;
2. River Yare - flood wall repairs starting leading to obstructions from the bankside. 17th June to 15th August.

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