Noisey stern gear.

Tim Good

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26 Feb 2010
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I recently replaced my prop shaft, stern gland, cutlass bearings etc.

Now she is back in the water there does seem to be a little more noise when motoring and a little vibration. Inside all is fine an quiet when motoring and no vibration in the shaft or stern gland. Outside it there is a reasonably loud noise when engaging forward or aft. It is difficult to explain. The prop large 4 blade Variprop on a Perkins 80hp with aquadrive. All serviced before going back in.

I dived the boat last night and all seems fine. Bearings seem fine, P bracket solid and anode solid also. I doubt it is the prop mechanism as it feathers very quickly and then locks into position so couldn't be making any noise.

Any thoughts? Maybe I need to do a video to demonstrate the sound.