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30 May 2001
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I have a wedge-shaped thingy like a small foot about one inch wide rivetted to the underneath of the boom about three feet aft of the mast. Obviously it's the fixing point for the vang (or kicker) which I don't have but must get. So I'm looking for the shoe that fits over the wedge, with a block attached to it. But what's the darned thing called? How do I describe the shoe thingy to a chandler in professional terms? Do you know who supplies them? My boat's a 30-footer built 1969.


Don\'t bother

Your boat and I suspect you are in that grey era between old and modern and classic nobody caters for you. Your best bet is to work out what you need find a "blacksmith" who will work in non-ferrous metals and persuade him to make what you want.



I think you need a "claw ring" which is a horseshoe shaped affair with a roller at the end of each leg. Theory is that the kicker attaches to it and when you use your roller reefing the ring allows the boom to rotate but the kicker can still be engaged against your wedgie blocky thingy.

Never used one as you can probably imagine the wear on the mainsail.

I would convert to slab reefing and fit an eye to the underside of the boom.

You would probably get a claw ring at a jumble, but I think they may still be available new. Ask your chandler.

Good luck!



Make up a strap to go round the boom. If your sail isn't loose footed, you can always cut a slit in it. Taped properly it won't tear and spreads the kicker loading over a much wider area than any fitting. I made one up out of spectra off cuts from my sailmaker in an hour or so.

Isn't this a bit PBO?