Leopard 23



Saw a 1990 Leopard Sport for sale in Holland, “Shining Star of Aqaba” with loads of Arabic script on it up for sale for just about £275K. Now bearing in mind that a new one costs….well Matts can tell us that exactly but it’s around the £1.5mill mark, doesn’t that seem a teensy weensy bit heavy on the depreciation? Or are they crap boats that no-one wants s\hand? Full spec and pretty piccies at www.wolfrat.nl then search under length greater than 20metre, less than 30. Piccies look much better than the boat does. In reality it looks really tatty, not a bit of a shine on it anywhere, the gelcoat’s really dull and lifeless. Makes you wonder about these amateur foreign builders quality control and ability to make a good boat don’t it? On the other hand, For Sale one Fairline Mirage….


1. Gweep. Praps I just won't sell it, ever.

2. Ah ,but the ad is for a 21.5 with the naff back end, no tender, and probly nasty gold decor inside, and the piccies are all ex-brochure.

3. Ah, but it won't have 13 grands worth of cutlery (yes, cutlery) on board, which ours will. Cutlery is rapidly appreciating asset, and can also be moved around the boat to improve trim, possibly.

4. Perhaps it's a well-know fact that umm a 21.50 didn't cost too much in the first place, possibly. Although the 23 costs erm a bit more than colin said.

5. You complete skinflint Colin! If it was down to people like you, there wouldn't be a boat industry at all! Or even a carpet or a teapot industry! Now get down to the boat show and do your bit towards keeping us out of recession!

6. It's a well-known drug-smuggling ruse to pack massive boats full of gear and sell the boat dead cheap, so some bargainhunter will buy it and sail it over. See? Ooer, this sounds quite possible. And colin's gorn and mucked it up with his dreadful comments, so it's a horse's head on the pillow for him.

Anyway, I'm afraid I've sold my story to a tabloid magazine, so can't comment further.


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30 May 2001
1 I can supply the tender - only one small leak in the hull (tubes perfect)

2 I also have a large supply of cutlery from either the local chippy or Chinese takeaway that you can have at very little cost (and not much weight - think of the fuel savings!)

3 I also know of a good mooring you can rent for a fraction of the cost of that posh place in France, also means cheaper transport costs (and red diesel available!)

4 You may also be eble to do a boat swap when you get bored of running about in your 23' Leopard or Tiger or whatever it's called There are some lovely 29' Mirages around.

5 If you want a cheap horses head they sell the dartmoor ponies off at this time of year for about £1 each - at that price you could give everyone on the forum one.

6 If there is a Mrs Matt I hope she knows the true cost of your potential pride and joy (we'll all keep quiet - for a price)

7 The tabloid magazine have just had to pay substantial libel damages to some lord or other from Weston so have had to withdraw their offer for your story - better buy that fully loaded foreign bargain after all.