Jeanneau 439


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18 Jan 2003
Nazare Portugal
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Finally had a look at one this weekend and I can understand the comment on the previous thread that they look cheap.

It is an inner egg crate moulding bonded to an outside hull so impossible to inspect for any debonding due to any hull flex (heavy seas- fatigue) or grounding.

Venered floor is plain and will quickly show wear but most surprising was the MFI veneer timber lining to the shower compartment. On my 43DS the shower is heavily used (cause its good) but the both the shower and all the heads copmpartments are all GRP.

Really disapointed. Hopefully there may be more middle of the road manufacturers when the economy picks up otherwise we will be sticking with our 43DS or new Arcona/Finngulf where the structural stiffening looks right and is accessable and easily repairable!