iPhone 3G 16Gb.

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9 Jul 2007
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Here we go!

iPhone 3G, in original packaging, approx 18 months old.

The phone has been restored to original settings with the latest software, so is ready to go, and has no previous history/ contacts to worry about.

While the rear of the phone has the usual minor scuffing (Strange, as it has lived in a cover!) the screen is excellent as it has also been covered.

It's registered to 02 but the unlock code can be obtained as it's now out of contract, and there is no charge lead, but any iPod/phone/pad one will do.

The battery is good, no issues with battery life, as the phone was only changed due to upgrade to iPhone4. This 3G is in perfect working order.

£120 or nearest offer secures, includes P+P to mainland UK.

Please feel free to call 07545 272874 if you have any questions, as I may not respond to messages immediately, by which time it will be gone...