How much did YOU pay for your radar?



Hi there- Just a quick bit of market research- I am trying to plot the price of basic radar systems over the past 10-15 years.

If you could tell me as much as you could about your radar and how much you spent on it, you'd be helping me a great deal!!

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16 May 2001
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It's quite nice actually. Sort of a lovely off-whitish colour roundy thing that sits on the radar arch with a cute little screen on the flybridge and a similar one downstairs in the helmsman's position. Not sure how much it cost, but Mr B said it didn't cost as much as I spend on my shoes.

Pauline B


Re: Radar and ladies shoes

in 1996 I paid something like £2,300 for one an autohelm LC summink cheap single screen and roundy thing. But it was a Fairline option with gentlemans markups including fitting.

Not sure how this compares with pauline's shoes, almost certainly cheaper with our single screen instead of two. But praps Mr B is misleadingly comparing one-off purchase of radar with entire outlay on wife shoes over all years of their acquaintance? Which cd be a few hundred quid a year if they are posh and hence fall apart even without playing football. Estimate say 300 quid a year for praps 20 yrs (she has child old enuf to like booz) makes 6grand, at least! Spose you should make a note of that in your thesis.