High idle speed on a Kad 42


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9 Nov 2017
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Maintenance: Engine, general

Idling speed. Adjustment
The engine idle speed is adjusted at the factory to 600
rpm. If required the idle speed can be adjusted within
the range 600–700 rpm. Any adjustment must be
made when the engine at operating temperature.
NOTE! If the boat has a number of control positions,
the adjustment can only be carried out from the main
control position (normally the control position in the
1. Check that all control levers are in the neutral/idle
2. Turn the start key to the S position (stop) and re-
lease it so that it springs back to 0.
3. Press in the neutral button. Hold it depressed until
point 5 inclusive.
4. Turn the ignition key to position l (drive position).
The indicator on the diagnostic button lights.
5. Release the neutral button when the indicator on
the diagnostic button goes out.
6. The indicators for the neutral and diagnostic but-
tons flash to confirm that the idling speed can now
be adjusted.
If the boat has two engines: Repeat the proce-
dure above so that the idling speed for both en-
gines can be adjusted at the same time.
7. Start the engine and adjust to the desired idling
speed using the control lever.
8. Confirm the set engine speed (RPM) by pressing
the neutral button.
9. Exit the adjustment by moving the control lever to
the neutral/idle position