Gelcoat restoration

Summer breeze

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22 Nov 2010
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Hello can any one help

I have a 1989 21 ft GRP cabin boat who's Gelcoat is now starting to look a little tired. It has dulled with a few marks and a few cracks in placing. There are also a few areas where it would appear the top coat ( I would describe it is the gloss on top of the undercoat) has completely come away.

Having done lots of forum fading and YouTube watching I'm a little lost for really where to start and what techniques to use.

Does anyone know a day course or such that will show me hands on how to repair and detail my Gelcoat to bring her back to her former glory.




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13 Jul 2002
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If its basically sound but faded and dull polishing with a rubbing compound follwed by a wax polish is the way forward , initially at any rate.

A search for "Farecla", one popular brand of rubbing compound, should find you loads of info.

If its too far gone then painting with something like International's Toplac after appropriate remdial action and priming may be the answer

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