"From Sail to Steam: Recollections of Naval Life" by Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, USN


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23 Jul 2005
London and Brittany
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A.T.Mahan is probably best know for "The Influence of Sea Power upon History: 1660-1783" but I greatly enjoyed reading his "From Sail to Steam: Recollections of Naval Life".

This is a fascinating account of the author's career in the United States Navy during the period of transition from sail to steam.

Not only does it show the author's deep understanding of his profession and of the men who had the privilege of serving with him, it is a very readable book, full of anecdote and enlivened by his dry dry sense of humour.

He must have been a popular and well-repected officer.

Free-of-charge from Project Gutenberg: The Project Gutenberg eBook of From Sail To Steam, Recollections Of Naval Life, by Capt. A. T. Mahan.