flaking deck paint



The paint on my boat deck is beginning to crack in just one small area. It was painted by it's previous owner and has a rough serfice to it.
Does anyone know how I could fix it.
Could I just sand it down and paint over the offending area.


Hmm. I think you know your options, which are

1. Ignore it and watch Mini TV
2. Ignore it and place Mini TV over flaky paint
3. Paint over it and blame prev owner
4. Sand it a bit, and forget to paint
5. Sand down and paint area but looks awful
5. Sand down entire area and apply paint
6. Buy some horrid Treadmaster or similar and stick it over it.
7. Buy Treadmaster for large area to make it look as though you haven't just stuck it over flaky paint, but we'll all know.
8. Buy special fitment (lamp, extra radome, safety device etc) and attach over offending area.
9. Trade in entire boat for a new one costing much more.

I have done most of above, so all recommended.



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16 May 2001
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If he can try to sell his old junk so can I

Dont listen to Matt he is just trying to sell you his Morphy Richards TV. Look, if the affected area is really small, about 2 cm square, the best thing to do is glue a small patch over it. An old C-Map cartridge makes a perfect patch and has the advantage that if you find yourself in new waters you can prise it off and whack it in the plotter, weyhey. I have available C-Map chips for Sydney Harbour Australia, Greneda to Guadeloupe, S. Coast of Ireland and various other charter locations. Reduced to £35 quid each, much cheaper than 5 litres of Dulux mixed wiv sand, or a new deck, and strategically priced to undercut a friggin Morphy TV.


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What is it you've got against treadmaster, Matt? Personally I cant get enough of the stuff and we've found all sorts of useful applications for it throughout our boat. For example, I've glued treadmaster to the toilet seats; if you've ever tried taking a dump at 20kts in a F6, you'll know how important accurate targeting is. Our kid's deck shoes have a layer of treadmaster on the soles; occasionally we have to prise him off the deck with a screwdriver - we call it the lego effect - but it's a small price to pay for peace of mind, dont you think? And another thing; I've stuck treadmaster on all our fenders. When you've burst as many fenders as I have coming alongside, it's a comfort to know that the pontoon will probably come off worse now.

And what about those hard to get rid of friends? Invite them over for a drink and sit them down on your treadmaster coated cockpit seats! They wont come again.

What about that boring old birds eye maple covered helm station? Apply an attractive and practical material like treadmaster, I say. Pleasing on the eye and you're safe in the knowledge that if you ever have to stand on the helm - waving at the lifeboat, for example - you wont slip off

Get a grip on yourself, Matt, get treadmaster


Re: sold!

I've seen the light, and will now see if I can make a nice lampshade for it, using treadmaster.