Fitting a wind generator

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23 Feb 2011
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I have fitted the new Rutland 914 wind generator to my Dufour 38 Classic. It has the pole and fixing kit. Only problem is - when I tried to see where I could drill and bolt the foot of the pole I can not see where I can get access from underneath. In the rear cabins there is a access hatch, but you can only just wiggle your head and shoulders through (arms fit in ok, but you can not get in any further). Immediately to the hull side of the opening is a wooden bulk head. I assume it is part of the structural stifness of the design. I can not get my hands far enough down to rteach anywhere we might drill to do up a bolt.

I have checked in the side locker in the cock pit and it is maybe possible to get a line of bolts into the cock pit. But the deck where the pole wants to sit slopes away from the locker and I can not work our how to get access to the underneath.

At the moment I have attached the pole to the pushpit and as the boat is not going anywhere it is secure enough for standing alongside. But before we start sailing again I need to secure the pole more securely.

Has anyone fitted a wind generator to a similar yacht. If so, how did you secure the pole?

Many thanks

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