Ever practice man overboard ?



With reference to an earlier posting about women seldom standing at the helm, how often, if ever, do you practice man overboard with your crew ? I have made it a rule to practice at least once a year with my wife at the helm (she hates it !) and me pretending to be in the water.

The reason for asking is that we are having a discussion about safety and the possible need for safety training in my yacht club.



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16 May 2001
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the yacht club i am in has a annual practice with a weighted dummy this ads something to the party try letting your wife pull a 12 stone dead weight onboard it really makes you think its a lot different to just getting back to a danbouy & pulling that onboard


Every time I have someone new onboard.

Plus location and how to use:
o - Lifebuoys.
o - Danbuoy.
o - Flares.
o - Fire extinguishers.
o - Fire blanket.
o - VHF (Mayday).


o - How to control engine.
o - How to take out of "Autopilot".
o - How to "aim" boat ("steer" would be too grandiose a description for fifteen minutes tuition).
o - How to rig ladder.
o - How to rig "recovery hoist".

I also exert strict rules as to when lifejackets are worn and by whom:

o - During Night - anyone not in cabin - all of the time.
o - During Day:
- In Winter or bad weather - everyone not in cabin - all of the time.
- In Summer - anyone not in cabin who can't swim - all of the time.

Why? Purely selfish reasons:

o - Don't want someone else's death on my conscience.
o - If I fall overboard and the crew can't pick me up I die.

Over the top? Absolutely - right up until I go south then it will have been all worth while - I hope!?


I practised MOB.

oops - I was the only one on board.

Oh well, at least the boat circled at full lock rather than roaring off into the distance.

Unfortunaely it was over my head and at full throttle.

I survived OK - just wish I'd used the outboard lanyard. Tell you what - I'll always use it in the future - GUARANTEED!