Dressing Overall


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8 Jun 2001
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Can anyone help by listing the sequence of flags from the bow for dressing a ketch/sloop overall? The only reference found so far is to USA practice which I believe differs from ours in the UK.

If you have insufficient flags, or short lines between, to reach from bow to stern over both masts, is it acceptable practice to fly to main and to mizzen without joining main to mizzen?

Can flags fly to main top only on a ketch?

Should flags really reach sea level at bow & stern?


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16 May 2001
Berkshire, Somerset, Hampshire
The recommended sequence from the bow is: E, Q, p3, G, p8, Z, p4, W, p6, P, p1, I, Code, T, Y, B, X, 1st Sub, H, 3rd Sub, D, F, 2nd Sub, U, A, O, M, R, p2, J, p0, N, p9, K, p7, V, p5, L, C, S.

Flags should be flown from stem to masthead, from masthead to masthead if there is more than one mast and then down to the taffrail.

As for the rest of your questions...undoubtably there are people in this forum better qualified to answer than I, not least because the only ships I have dressed overall have been ones with motors and no masts, which is an art in itself! Hope that helps though.