dolphin fuel tank



advice on fuel tanks please - I have just bought a boat with a dolphin petrol engine. There is a plastic fuel tank which supplies the petrol by gravity feed. The problem is that the tank is in a dangerous condition and all the new plasitric tanks seem to need to be presurised via a primer to get the fuel out. I have been told that this may flood the carb in the dolphin.

Anyone with any sugestions on this? i.e. anyone tried primed feed to an older dolphin engine? Anyone with any sugestions on where I can get a new plastic gravity feed tank? Lastly, anyone know of a South Wales s/s petrol tank fabricator who could make a suitable tank (approx 6 gall tank needed)



Can you get one of the pressurised ones that fits and then:

1. Drill a small vent in the cap on top (or fit a vented cap).

2. Fit an outlet from the bottom (if there isn't one already).

3. Fit a good inline filter and a tap between the tank and the carb.

4. Mount the tank so that the outlet is above the carb float chamber or fit an electic fuel pump in line.

Good luck, Bob