disorg colicarpet again



Right then, seems that wiv managed to get this caper dragged a little more handy for normal people who don't do caravan-watching up and down the m6 and m5 harumph. It looks like it will be in Yarmouth, which is nearly not in the Solent at all, which is where H hates. Yarmouth and Plymouth sound quite similar anyway, and both full of old salty seadogs with years and years of experience, lots of stories, and carefully honed skills such as turning up in the cockpit at six in the morning for the twenty quid berthing fee.

The story so far: Last year, colin was a little bit wurrid bout going to sea, so muggins volunteered to help with nothing of a trip yarmouth-wash, which ahem turned out a bit a voyage but they always do, specially when one engine knocked off at lunchtime. Now, he seems wary of going anywhere at all except with somebody else. Hence this cruise in company cobblers, which is really only useful if you like the social thing (which is all very fine) but on the other hand multiplies the chances of getting involved with lots of boat damage, broken this and that, ooh let me help, ooh I'll hang back, no you carry on, ooh what about this? no it's not that, Yes it bloody well is you daft git, Look who's boat is it? Well it's sort of nearly mine now since I'm flipping towing you, etc etc.

Anyway anyway. Look, C, twould be a very excellent idea indeed to git that boat dragged down somewhere the week before in gosport or hamble or chichester yes yes indeedy. Then Friday startit up and think about maybe going to yarmouth, before finally deciding that it IS ok on Satdy morning. Or mebbe friday nite. On the sunday we can plonk over to ramsgate, or near enuf for a recently/nearly qualified celestial navigator/ yachtmaster/ ICC like you to praps possibly consider making the last bit from dover (say) to ramsgate all alone.

This would minimise the chances of cholera/typhoid, too.


Glad to see you back Matt.

It's wall to wall, Gardeners Question Time round here.

Think yer on a bit of a waister getting any of this lot on the sea though.

Less you can pattent a way of putting wheels on them.

Not sure whether that means the people or the boats,

anyway mines coem out of the water today, for the

usual thingy jobs.

By the way it's going up for sale as well. So if any

body knows a good place to advertise a lovely

Princess 35 I would be glad of the help. They tell me

that its one of the best sea boats Princess have ever

made, And with the crap it's taken me through I can

believe them.

Oh well if it has to be Yarmouth, soppose it's not far from Colin up the Wash or the Norfolk Broads.

It's just a case of turning left or right out of Plymouth. Dont think it matters to much which cos theres always Nick up in Jockland.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------and!!!


What you doing playing with your computer at half past two in the morning, when you've got to be flogging software at Olympia in the morning eh? Don't you know what time it is? Where have you heard that before, eh?

Been to Yarmouth last year, don't you remeber it? Wouldn't have thought that would be better than the Solent, still each to his own. Be interesting to see if we can get some of the south coastees up to carrot crunching country. Oh, there's another Yarmouth is there bet it's not Great like ours.

Just to clear up any possible confusion, NO, I'm not bringing the boat. I've looked at my AA map, and it's a long way from IOW to Ramsgate despite you offering to pay for the road transport, meals, drinks, do the navigating, all the diesel and throw up on my new carpet. Actually now I think about it, apart from the throwing up bit, maybe I will. I'll send you a quote. BTW how do I fit the batteries in this sextant thing?


>>>>> and it's a long way from IOW to Ramsgate <<<

It's only four inches on my Little Chef Road Atlas. Can't you get a smaller scale map to cut the distance down?

(Just brought the boat back from Ramsgate - by sea)




Well hello again! I'm returned fresh from some sun and sangria therapy. So your P35 is for sale - what's she got/is she nice/what is the condition of the holding tank? You are just coming nicely into the selling season and there's not much of that size/likely price available in my neck of the woods (Jockland as they say). I was out yesterday and had the river to myself apart from a large navy helicopter which was out for some kind of low flying award. There might have been others on the water but I could'nt see for the rain.

Anyway, you can all keep Yarmouth! Too much like the nautical equivalent of the M25 for me.



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