Crinan Canal Waiting Pontoon


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20 Mar 2008
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Easter is here and the yachts are starting to move West again. In January we had a severe gale here and the waiting pontoon at Ardrishaig lost it anchor. Since the it has been secured only at the inboard end by the ladder and the outer end tend to drift around in a generous arc. BW have put a notice on the pontoon announcing that it is unsafe and should not be used. Most boats ignore this but some are choosing to anchor off overnight.
The pontoon is on the edge of the dredged channel so if your draught is deep or it is windy you might go aground as the pontoon swings northward. Eventually it will be repaired but this is Argyll where they like to give everything time, (especially the malt),and BW will need about a year for preparation of the elfin safety reports.
Meantime if you arrive after the sea lock closes on a windy evening you can moor in the lock itself there is plenty of water and ladders either side so it is easy to get up the street to the pub. Allow enough rope for the tide. There is quite a bit of noise from the water spilling over the gate but I find it lulls you to sleep though you may have to pee oftener than usual.
I will post again when the pontoon is repaired though then the local mobos will be around it like flies on a turd.