Cherbourg mussels

harry potter

21 Jun 2010
Secret info. If inclement weather in Cherbourg go to bus station (at railway station) to catch the 10 am -that is 9 am English time - to Barfleur on the no 51. 2.30 euros.

Arrives 1 hour later - not unpleasant trip.

Think French time. You are now in Barfleur and have to amuse yourself (actually no problem) till the ghastly prospect of lunch at 11 am British time. Get used to it.

At quarter to 11 British Time seat yourself down in Le Cafe De France and have a pression.

At midday French Time reel back at the QUEUES!

Think - order - Moules Normands avec Frits or you will be lost in the rush.

Plus une boutielle de Muscadet.

HEAVEN! There were never moules such as this on the planet before.

You must remember that the return bus- also 2.30 euros leaves at the Mairie at 13.47 i.e. quarter to one British Time.


Wasn't it worth it?
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Capt. Clueless

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15 Aug 2015
Bury st Edmunds
When we lived in Brittany, collecting Fresh mussels was always enjoyable, with the thought of the subsequent cooking with Garlic, white wine, cream & shallotts. Now, back in the UK, ALDI is our friend.:D