Chasrtering advice needed Cyclades/ Saronic



We are chartering a 37 ft. Bavaria through Cosmos Yachting out of Kalamaki marina Athens for two weeks from the 25/9/01 to cruise the Cyclades. I would appreciate any advice regarding places to visit/avoid, things to take, pilot books, charts etc. In fact anything which will improve the holiday. Thanks in advance
16 May 2001
Re: Chartering advice needed Cyclades/ Saronic

If through Cosmos out of Kalamaki the boat will be either owned or managed (like oue Bav42 Mary Flavin) by Kiriacoulis. It will therefore have full charts & Pilots (Rod Heikel's Greek Waters Pilot) & bed linen & towels for it's full complement. So if there are four of you on a seven berth boat there will be spares.

The whole area is full of postcard anchorages & harbours, too many to list. Each with it's own taverna(s). Get out of Kalamaki asap though as it is a noisy & crowded place.

You will need to pay an embarkation charge of about £115 plus either having you credit card swiped to cover the £750 insurance excess or buying a waiver policy at £56pw. Leave the fuel tank full on departure or they will charge you for this against your credit card at higher than normal Greek prices.

The Meltemi blows incessantly at F5-6 N/NE in July & August but will have subsided by your trip. (See for reliable weather info.)

When buying ice remember that the blocks come from fish warehouses and are NOT to be put in drinks unless you, like fishscales floating in your gin but ice cubes are made from bottled water & are OK.

The fridge on the Bav37 is the same as ours but we noticed that one or two had freon leaks so make sure it is cooling before you leave & insist that Alexandros or Zafiri fix it before you leave.

Mooring is almost always stern to and the rope is only fit for the "Indian Rope Trick" being rather climate & salt stiffened. (We keep a set of lines on board locked away for our own use!). Otherwise dropping the hook is preferable since it will almost always be somewhere sheltered and not far from shore in clear water.

On that point the above two gents will probably try to rent an outboard to you and the fee may be more than you are expecting. We never bother because the Plastimo 260's are easy to row - be careful some of the fleet boats have the thwart missing but owned ones should be OK!

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Steve Cronin