Bloody Power Boats The Sequel!!


16 May 2001
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I was away anoying the yachts last week but I thought this reply to a similar topic some months ago might be apt.

Once upon a time.
God was having trouble stopping the yatchies and power boats bumping into each other.

God spoke unto the rag boaties and said Oh-Yah Oh-Yah and thee shall have right of way over all the seven seas !!.

He'd tried everything else he could think of first and in the end he talked to the motor boaties about his problem.

It transpired that God had made a few cockups when programming the rag boaties brains and God was feeling a bit guilty about this blunder.

"Never mind" said the helpfull motor boaties, "just give them some bits of string to play with and everybody else will just kept out of the bloody way" !!.

Not wanting to offend the poor raggies, it was decided to keep the reasons for this new rule secret.

Unfortunatly the raggies as usual, got rag over stick about this new decision and thought that they were the chosen race and superior to the motor boatie tribe.

They decided to use this new rule to keep the motor boatie surfs in there place.

They were also a bit miffed about the way the motor boaties could sail in and out of marinas without a big crew to fend the boat off all the time and not going round and round in circles bumping into every thing in sight and blaming every body else for there problems.

They got a bit mixed up about the "chosen race" and the "yatch race" too, so it became sacred.

So for ever and ever amen the motor boatie tribe has had this cross to bare and secret to keep.

Cos we cant tell the kids that Gods make cockups too!!

And so they all lived, sort of, fairly, happy-ish, everafter, Amen.



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The COLLISION REGS are quite clear on the subject - end of debate! Do Yotties have trouble getting into marinas??


I watched a nice about 30ft Motor job, with the typical busty lass on the bow, 'Skipper in Naval Cap' and 'friends' on board sipping wine and looking out at the world in contempt !
Entering Marina, nice cruise up the channel, bit heavy on the throttles, but shows off POOOOWWWWWER.... in his smart on a dime turn to face the pontoon. Now here we all berth bows on and a buoy at the stern to hold the boat off the pontoon ! Well poor sod on the stern couldn't hold the buoy line when the 'skipper' did his throttle trick again to move forward to the pontoon, now we have a boat that is a)going way too fast, b)stern swinging to the nice Sweden Yacht next to him, c)busty lass on the bow waving arms and shouting strange things at anyone who will listen.
Crunch .... ouch that hurt the wallet .... of course no bow fender ... thats the gel-coat gone ! Sweden Yacht owner was observed taking this whole thing seriously and trying to get fenders etc. moved to save HIS gelcoat ......

Me .... I was sipping my beer, thinking what a nice motor boat, and what a stupid owner !

So guys Throttle - treat it with respect and don't show off when people are watching .... this guy was not a local and I'm sure he was instructed accordingly by the HM who's office just happens to sit overlooking the very spot he chose !!!!

Raggies may bump about, but honestly I see more fender rash, marina knocks, scraped sides, shouting and hollering from Naval hatted motor boaties than anything else. I have also had more scrapes down channels where some motor guy takes the whole channel and doesn't leave a little room for others, regardless of rules / sails etc.

Sorry but thats life and thats what I've seen. I am NOT defending anyone, but truth is truth. There are good and bad on BOTH sides.


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16 May 2001
My friend, we do not THINK that we are superior; YOU KNOW that we are.....if nothing else, we've been around for much longer. And when it comes to cock-ups, whom do you propose to blame for bad spelling? God's bad programming again?