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I'm planning to go next year, from north Holland to the Gotha canal via probably Helgoland , Brunsbuttel, Danish islands to Skagen then through the canal and back down the Swedish coast. I'd be glad of any advice of places worth visiting/avoiding, likely cost, mooring/anchoring, regulations, likely weather,etc., and if anyone has any charts they want to sell or pilot books, or any recommendations about these, I'd be glad to hear from you.


There is a great number of nice places to visit in Sweden, Denmark and Northern Germany. Boating is overall easy thanks to lack of big waves and tides. Berth places are well available in numerous guest harbours with reasonable prices - approx. £5-10 per night. The size of the boat doesn't matter - one price for everyone! Harbours are equiped with shore power (extra approx 50p/night), cold drinkable water, washing machines, showers and in most cases with small cafeterias as well. People are friendly, can speak fluent English almost everywhere and are willing to help if any help is needed.

The only problems are:
- Red diesel is not allowed (except in Finland) - average diesel price 50-60p/litre
- Cold weather except on July
- Light winds during summer months

You'll be able to get a Swedish harbour guide for free from almost all Swedish guest harbours. If you have any further questions please just drop me an email...


I went that way (except Sweden) last year.

Places to visit: personally I like the Frisian islands very much, especially Borkum, although other find them too flat and bleak for their tastes. Helgoland is also a special/strange place which I am very glad not to have missed, though that was out of season when it was pretty bleak (= good) - in the summer its character is no doubt different. In the Danish islands there are beautiful places to stay in many places, and you will no doubt find your own. Places that I particularly liked include: Faldsled, Aeroskobing, Birkholm (or was it Bredholm? - whichever of those has the miniature harbour), Dyvig Bay, Maasholm (Germany). There was an article in last month's Yachting World describing some of these.

Consider going through the River Eider rather than the Kiel Canal, it's much prettier.

I have detailed charts covering the North Sea coast and much of Denmark that were bought new last year that I might part with.


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5 Jun 2001
We went Helgoland , Esjberg,Thyborøn & Lymnfijord

Helgoland duty free & fuel

Thyborøn use the yacht harbour in the old port, see my web site for town plan, under gazetteer

Lymnfijord, delightful area, if shortish on time go to the north of Mørs as it is extremely quiet. Bradbury pilot book somewhat out of date to facilities, but good otherwise.
delightful towns, lemvig, thisted, løgstør to just name a few

Anchorages , so many impossible to mention individually, sufficient to say in 2 months only stayed in marinas twice!!!

Don’t know about Gotha, want to do that!

Come home via little belt, nok & eider,(most think it is too shallow, but our boat draws 2mtr & I left at low water, without any problem, however do visit tonning, for up date on position of St. peters channel which moves frequently)) then Helgo, much nicer than the Elbe which I did in 99. (less current & shipping)