another cracking day's sail


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6 May 2005
albeit just a short few hours up and down the Tamar, and nary a cloud to cover the sun from letting go till fetching up again.

Two other saily boats out and as we passed close to one of them, the skipper waved and shouted that he had just had a text and picture from his son in Sheffield to show he had two inches of snow. :eek:

February days like today are rare indeed.

And oh yes, the wolf and the wimp did enjoy their day out too.:)



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28 Jul 2003
West Australia

Congratulations on a successful sail in obviously cold weather. It must boost your spirits enormously to actually get out after so much cold weather. Nice dogs too. Obviously you don't worry about boarding pirates.
By contrast you will be disgusted with me. I think I am getting a bit jaded with sailing. Yesterday a trip to Rottnest on Benetou 39. I was asked to be a pilot as the new part owner had not been there and reefs are quite tricky. Several hours to get there 20mins at 30 knots on the ferry to get back.
Then last Thursday a morning sail with a YA examiner. He wanted to see me make the boat sail backwards and do a fig 8 with rudder tied off. I failed. More to the point I think my little boat is too frisky. It did not want to stop for sailing backwards and did not want to tack without using rudder. Anyway we got the club sailing school accreditation anyway. so all is well there. Now it is just a short race this afternoon then I can relax for another week. What is really weird is that my main joy seems to be scrubbing the weed off the bottom with mask and snorkel. The A/f seems mostly ineffective so it needs it every few days. Do I get any sympathy. Probably not. olewill
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27 Dec 2004
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Sarabande, that is an ace photo! And the dogs look very happy and pleased to be out on the water.
I thought you had a Colvic Watson, but that foredeck looks a bit Rival'ish to me?

OleWill, you have my sympathies, I also seem to spend a fair bit of time scrubbing her bum with a mask and snorkel on.


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15 Feb 2005
Near Here
He wanted to see me make the boat sail backwards and do a fig 8 with rudder tied off. I failed. More to the point I think my little boat is too frisky. olewill
My little boat won't sail backwards either. Despite a stub keel and bilge runners it's just too skitty on the water and veers off before the rudder has enough bite.
As for sailing a figure 8. Never tried that. I'll give it a whirl, but expect to use a lot of lake. (actually, like a dinghy it does respond to trim very readily, so it may pass on that exercise).

It's bleak and misty up here and has been for a week. I was going to drop the boat back in today after a quick tidy-up, but shan't bother.

Looks like the South West is the place to be.