Aero4gen towed 12v generator (and possible wind generator project)

Colvic Watson

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23 Nov 2004
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I have a complete Aero4gen 12v towed generator, with a spare towed set up. The towed generator comes with its mounting bracket, spins and generates, both anti-torsion ropes are virtually new and it has two spinning fins and fittings.

Also - If you're a bit handy you could replace the two broken wind generator blades at about £25 each - broken in transit and you'd have the complete set up. here's a bit of soldering to do to make the wind generator part work, one of the output wires has sheared off so it's a matter of joining a new one on. Think of it as a towed generator, complete spare set and maybe a wind gen if all goes well!

£160 plus courier which should be £15.

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