Adult foulies...Gill


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3 May 2005
Kidderminster, West Mid.
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Gill Southern Cross NON breathable foulies.

Both jacket and trousers are medium. They fit me with room to spare for fleeces etc...and I'm 5 foot 8 and will admit to 13 and a half stone.

The trousers are in good condition and have fleece lined chest pockets.

The jacket has only two issues:
a small hole at the rear about 2mm across and a fraying velcro closure low down at the front about an inch long.
Cargo pockets, fleece lined hand warmer pockets, internal pocket, hood, fleece collar and internal zip to take a fleece.

They do not leak.

They have been washed and are clean with little in the way of stains or marks.

Looking for £40 inc UK postage.
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